About Me

My nick name's Bodo, 41 years of age, original Bavarian breed and Mister Universe 2023.

Well, all true except for the last part. But my wife says I'm very good looking.

Tours are my passion

I've given a lot of tours all around Munich, Bavaria & Germany. You could say it is my passion to show people about my beautifull home & country

Eventhough I do a lot of tours a week, I still have a day job. Ask about it, most people are surprised.

What makes my tours so special?

  • The tours are private. No bustling crowds, your time your pace. No matter if 5 a.m. or 10 p.m. I'll meet at the most convienent time for you (although most things we will look at are usally open between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
    You won't have to share time with others except your family & friends in your group.
  • All inclusive price. The price that's quoted is the price you pay. No taxes or gratuity added afterwards
  • I speak fluent English with no heavy accent, and will be able to comunicate with you, and you will understand my words and stories I tell you.
    No suprises here.
  • BUT MOST IMPORATANT: I grew up and live here. I know the area and my history and will do my best to give you a great experience while you're in Bavaria.

Hey, if you don't trust me, trust your fellow travelers on